Gaining Permission and Keeping Documentation for Using Images


NOTE: The information contained on this page, as well as the accompanying worksheet, is directly adapted from Michael Krauss’ “Permission and Documentation” webpage.


Permission and Documentation

As you have been learning, digital images found on the internet are protected by copyright law.

For your own protection, it is a always good idea to ask for permission in order to download and use images for your own purposes.

For each image you are interested in using for your ComicLife project, you must complete the “Permission and Documentaton” worksheet. You may print out the worksheet (found here) and fill it out by hand, or you may download and edit it using the word processing program of your choice (i.e., Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, Google Docs, etc.)

When you ultimately use the images for your comic book, you will need to provide the links to these images.

For each image:

  1. Write down or copy and paste the URL where you found the image.
  2. Find an Email address for the creator of the image and write it down or copy and paste it.
  3. Copy the text of the permission letter (below) and send it to the email address you found in #2.
    • NOTE: Be sure to edit the information where you see the bold print.
  4. Save all Email replies you receive as a result of your letter request. You may need to use it at a later time to prove you have permission to use the images.

Permission Letter to copy and send by Email:

Dear (insert name or use Sir or Ms. if unknown):

I am a student at (insert school name or appropriate information), in (insert city, state).

Currently, I am taking a (insert class name) class. We are using the software ComicLife to create a digital comic about zombies. I have found an image on the website (insert URL). It is a picture of (insert a short description of the picture). The filename of the image is (insert the name–it will end in .gif or .jpg). I would like to save this image file and provide a link to it on my comic, and possibly online if I choose to publish my comic at a later time.

This is for a school assignment and is only for educational purposes. I will not use this for any commercial purpose.

I hope that this meets your approval. If you do not hold the copyright for this image, please send me the email address for the person who does.

If you want me to post a notice on my comic about your copyright, please tell me what you want it to say. If not, I will just post the url of the image.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

(insert your name)

To copy and send the permission letter by email, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new email message
  2. Bcc: your instructor (Bcc: means to send a “blind carbon copy” of your email to another party without the original person you are sending email to knowing you are sending a copy of the email to the other person.)
  3. For Subject, type “Permission to use Image”
  4. Select the paragraphs above.
  5. Choose “Copy” from the “Edit” menu.
  6. In email, click where your message starts, and choose “Paste” from the “Edit” menu.
  7. Add the information needed where you see bold text.
  8. Proofread your message and send it.
  9. NOTE: Remember to save all responses to your permission letter!

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